Verti-Air Cleaning

Debris and bacteria buildup deep down within the infill can cause problems on artificial turf. Loose material can build up and restrict drainage.  The Debris build up can create damp stagnant areas.  The Verti-Air turf cleaning system prevents this problem.  A rotary brush and turbine powered by compressed air lifts out debris build up.  This leaves your turf clean, dry, and decompacted.

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Verti-air Cleaning


The Verti-Broom is used to brush and strip artificial turf. This specialized tool straightens and grooms each fiber of yout turf to ensure an attractive and realistic finish. The Verti-Broom brushes surface infill to an even and level finish.

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Verti-broom Cleaning



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Top Dressing Infield Rubber

Over time, debris, bacteria, and water dammage your turf. The Verti-Top removes debris and toplayer infill from the turf. A vibrating shaker sifts the debris out, then redistributes clean infill back onto your turf. A lag brush then sweeps over the turf leaving it clean and smooth.

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Top Dressing

Preparing Homeplate For Synthetic Turf


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