Infield Construction

Built with State of the art equipment, top of the line materials, and second to none expertise.

Specifics: Sports Brick used on platform & landing areas, Installing new 4-way pitching rubber, Transit used for height dimensions, Bases measured and installed, Skinned area - rotadarioned and groomed, Grass infield and hip areas slit seeded and fertilized

Infield Construction Photo Gallery

Infield Construction

Profossional Pitching Mounds

Built with accuracy. A transit is used to measure the height dimensions from the top of the pitchers rubber to the top of home plate. Sports clay bricks are used to build the platform around the pitchers rubber and sports brick is used for the landing area. The mound clay is then added to build the entire mound. A vibrator tamper is used to compact the clay. Finally, the turf is trimmed along the edges of the pitchers circle.

Professional Pitchings Mound Photo Gallery

Professional Pitching Mound

Professional Homeplate / Batter Boxes


Professional Homeplate / Batter Boxes Photo Gallery

Baseball Field Warning Track Instalations / Construction

Rotadairon Work

complete soil renovation, preparation, grading, and finish work.

Rotadarin Work Photo Galley

Rotadairon Work

Lip Reduction

Lip reduction can help to get rid of the material built up in the edges of the grass. Many places that have a large lip can cause bad hops or bounces during a game. This makes the school, league, or groundskeeper look very poor. A well maintained field must have the lips reduced so that the field looks and play the best that it possibly can. After having the lips reduced simple maintenance can help to prevent the large lips from coming back. I will work with you to make sure that you know how to keep your field in tact. 

Lip Reduction Photo Gallery

Baseball Field Lip Reduction

Base Paths / Arcs Tightened

Tightening the base paths makes the field look crisp and clean. Turf can be cut away to give your base paths and arcs a fresh edge and shape. Basepaths that are too wide or that have dead grass around them can be trimmed to the healthy grass and then sod can be added in place of the dead grass. This will help to bring the base paths and arcs to the proper widths and diameters.

Base Path / Arcs Tightened Photo Gallery

Base Paths and Arcs Tightened

Truf Friendly Dump Box


Truf Friendly Dump Box Photo Gallery